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    Top 7 Best Trimmer for Men 2018!


    Rest assured, you’ll have plenty of options while looking for a beard trimmer for men. There are many types of trimmers on the market with lots of different features – from corded to cordless, the number and kind of attachments, and different settings.

    How do you choose?

    Let’s take a look:

    1)Battery Life Of Trimmer for Men

    If you do happen to opt for a Trimmer for Men, it is pertinent to pay very close attention to the unit’s battery life. The battery life can have a major impact on the clipper’s overall performance.

    If the battery can only run for ten or fifteen minutes, you may not be able to finish the job, without recharging and this will prove to be very annoying. Generally, it is best to opt for the longest battery life as possible, even if it means you’ll need to pay a little more.

    2) Warranty

    One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a good trimmer for men is the warranty. The warranty won’t enhance the unit’s productivity or performance, but it will prove to be very important in the long run.

    If the warranty is immensely short, something could go wrong and you may be required to pay for a new clipper or replacement parts. With a longer warranty, you may not be required to pay anything for rectifications.


    Before you go to the store to check out beard trimmers, ask yourself how you intend to use the trimmer? Is it just for your beard, or will you also use it for your hair and other parts of your body?

    4) Corded or Cordless

    There are advantages to both corded and cordless beard trimmers:

    Cordless trimmers have more flexibility than corded trimmers because you can use them practically anywhere.

    Corded trimmers, generally speaking, provide a little more power. They also offer the peace of mind from knowing that your trimmer’s battery won’t run out in the middle of a trim.

    If you choose a cordless trimmer, it’s important to know the length of the battery’s life before it needs to recharge. With a corded trimmer, the length of the cord may be important if you’re seeking maximum maneuverability in your bathroom or another area where you do your trimming.

    Cordless trimmers usually come with charging stations, or stands, and you can leave your charger in the stand until its next use to ensure a full charge.

    5) Wet & Dry use

    Many of the best trimmers are good for wet and dry use. Waterproof trimmers are usually easier to clean, as well. In most cases, you simply wash them with water from your faucet to remove excess hair trimmings.

    6) The Blades

    Stainless steel, chromium, and titanium blades are longer lasting and more comfortable than other type’s blades.

    7) Attachments

    Many trimmers come with attachments that are added to the unit to achieve different lengths and different styles.

    8) Convineince

    Portability is an important consideration in any case. The travel-friendliness of your trimmer is a must. Is the trimmer lightweight, compact and easily carry trimmer. Travel-friendly trimmers should also have a longer battery life .

    9) Design

    Another thing to take into account is the overall design and shape of the trimmer for men.

    1. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for MenTrimmer for Men

    Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this Wahl trimmer for Men is the toughest we tried and truly feels indestructible. Its battery life is just as resilient, giving four hours of trim time per charge. With 22 accessories, including an excellent detailing shaver and ear and nose trimmer, it’s an all-in-one groomer.

    This Wahl model is the best of the best, a high-quality, stainless steel cordless trimmer with patented self-sharpening blades.

    It’s powerful as well, thanks to lithium-ion technology that delivers twice the torque of most competitive models.

    Three more stainless steel detachable blades come with this beard trimmer for Men : the standard, precision T-Blade used for most tasks, the detail shaver used for outlining, and an ear/nose/ eyebrow trimmer.

    Powerful and versatile trimmer that was built to last – with a variety of blades and guide combs.

    This Wahl kit also includes 12  guide combs, letting you select from 13 cutting lengths ranging from 0 (1/16”) to 8 (1”). The one main disappointment of this outstanding trimmer is that the guide combs are not as stiff as we would have liked. The battery runs for at least four hours on a one-hour charge, and there’s a nice one-minute charge feature that gives you an extra three minutes of trimming time if needed.

    Oh, and there is a 5-year warranty!

    Facts and figures for the Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Plus Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer for Men:

    • Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.4 x 6.2 inches
    • Weight: 12 ounces
    • Blades: Stainless steel T-Blade, detail shaver, detail trimmer for Men.
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
    • Runtime: 4+ hours; Charge time 1 hour
    • Runs while plugged in: No
    • Warranty: Five years (2 months money back guarantee)

    2. Philips QT4001-15 Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for MenTrimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    This Philips Beard Trimmer for Men comes with long lasting performance due to DuraPower technology .Up to 45 minutes of cordless power after 10 hours of charging. Simple to utilize – get a 3-day shadow look of 1mm or a full facial hair of 10mm, in exact 1mm stages – by essentially turning the wheel to choose and secure in the length settings you need or evacuate the brush and get the zero trim look of 0.5mm. Get a perfect yet defensive trim, over and over.  Skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming .10 lock-in length settings, 1 - 10mm with 1mm precision. The trimmer's steel cutting edges softly brush against each other, honing themselves as they trim so they remain additional sharp and viable as on day 1. When you need to look your absolute best, Philips has the correct preparing answer for you. Philips joins innovation with a plan and the trimmers last up to 4 x longer versus customary trimmers. The product should be charged for uninterrupted 8 Hours before initial use. This product is not suitable for direct plug and use.

    Why Do We Recommend It:

    • Offers you with the durable performance owing to the DuraPower Technology
    • Comes with a light on the adapter that turns green while charging
    • Covered with a 3-years worldwide warranty for after-sales service
    • Comprises of self-sharpening stainless steel blades for protective trim
    • Provides up to 45-minutes of cordless use with rechargeable battery

    3. Panasonic ER307 Men’s Trimmer

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    This trimmer for men comprises of Japanese blade technology  that have been formulated by means of the value stainless steel that are extra sharp. There are some elements that can be detached and cleaned which turn this trimmer for men a lot more attractive. They magnificently trim your hair to provide a flawless look. One among the significant feature of this trimmer is its ergonomic design. This promises easy working and turns it really simple to carry whilst you are on a journey. Prepared with an operative innovative Nickel Hydride battery, this hair trimmer for men is able to certainly recharge and be used for another 40 minutes. Cleaning up this trimmer is really easy and out of trouble.

    Why Do We Recommend It:

    • Equipped with the Japanese Blade Technology for highest precision
    • Rechargable
    • Washable trimmer
    • You don’t need to worry about charging since it offers cordless/cord usage
    • Comprises of the stainless steel blades for durability and performance
    • Provides you with the precise length settings that range from 0.2-1.8cm

    4. Philips Norelco Beard & Hair Trimmer Series 5100 – BT5210

    philips nerolko trimmer for men
    Trimmer for Men
    Trimmer for Men

     The Philips Norelco Trimmer for Men is another brilliant beard trimmer, especially for those people who like the convenience of the limited attachments and zoom wheel.

    The integrated vacuum system catches up to 90% of cut hair for less mess. The high-velocity motor and fan system creates powerful suction to lift and capture hairs

    Like the Wahl, it’s a cordless model, with a powerful motor, self-sharpening stamped steel blades and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

    The self-sharpening steel blades are designed to effectively cut each hair perfectly, preventing skin irritation, and are double sharpened to cut more hairs in every pass for faster trimming

    With innovative lift trim technology, the trimmer effectively lifts and guides hairs for a more efficient cut

    Two hair combs and a body comb are included for those who want their trimmer to double as a hair clipper or to trim their body hair.

    One other nice feature of this Philips Norelco is that it’s waterproof.

    This beard trimmer runs for 70 minutes on a one-hour charge, it delivers great performance without tugging at beard hairs.

    More details on the Philips Norelco Beard & Hair Trimmer Series 5100 – BT5210:

    • Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.4 x 9.6 inches
    • Weight: 14 ounces
    • Blades: Stamped steel, adjustable zoom wheel
    • Runs while plugged in: Yes
    • Warranty: Five years
    • Waterproof: Yes for cleaning
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
    • Run time: 70 minutes; Charge time 1 hour

    5. Remington MB4010 Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    When you want a versatile trimmer for a very reasonable price, we’d suggest taking a look at the Remington Trimmer for Men. And if you want a trimmer for a long, flowing beard but don’t want to pay the higher price the Wahl commands, it’s definitely your no.1 choice.

    It’s a cool-looking unit which is comfortable in the hand and can take care of any man’s beard in the smoothest way possible.

    The Remington Trimmer for Men comes with a single blade that has 18 length settings, plus three combs – a stubble comb. Like the Wahl, this beard trimmer has a detail trimmer which easily allows you to do close-in shaping work. The Remington Trimmer for Men’s titanium blades is self-sharpening.

    It also features a long-lasting battery that gives you two hours of cutting time to achieve the perfect look. Another bonus on the functionality front is the zoom wheel that gives you impressive control over mustache and beard hair length. This Remington Trimmer for Men comes with Self-oiling blades that never need oiling.

    Checking the specs of the Remington Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer for Men:

    • Dimensions: 6.4 x 3.6 x 9.2 inches
    • Weight: 1 pounds
    • Waterproof: No
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
    • Blades: Titanium, adjustable zoom wheel
    • Cuts without guard: Yes
    • Runs while plugged in: Yes
    • Dual-voltage: Yes
    • Runtime: 120 minutes; Charge time 4 hours
    • Warranty: Two years, limited

    6. Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit 9854-600

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    Trimmer for Men

    The Wahl All-In-One Trimmer for Men is the most powerful of all the trimmers on our list, with a motor that provides twice the average torque for a beard trimmer. And if you don’t need the power for heavy, thick growth, it will also let you zip through a trim in a breeze because you won’t have to go over and over each area.

    The Wahl All-In-One Trimmer for Men unit will also run longer than almost any other trimmer on a single charge, a full three hours for a 60-minute charge, thanks to Wahl’s new lithium-ion 2.0 battery technology, plus a one-minute quick charge feature.

    There are only six-length settings on the Wahl All-In-One Trimmer for Men and Operates on one AA battery

    The Wahl All-In-One Trimmer for Men is noisier than most competitors, and can’t be washed under a faucet. However, it’s a solid, well-built trimmer and crafted to be comfortable as well as effective. It’s a very good choice for men with forests on their face – and it’s half the price of the Norelco, too.

    Taking a closer look at the Wahl All-In-One Grooming Kit 9854-600:

    • Dimensions: 3 x 5.5 x 10 inches
    • Weight: 1 pound
    • Blades: Four blades
    • Cuts without guard: Yes
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
    • Runtime: 3 hours
    • Warranty: Two years, limited


    Trimmer for MenTrimmer for MenTrimmer for Men

    The trimmer’s sharp stainless steel blades are angled at 45 degrees to create the optimal cutting edge. It’s fast and powerful, and you’ll get quick, efficient facial hair trimming (and head hair). This trimmer for men comes with 3-blades and cuts cleanly through even the thickest and most dense hair.

    You’ll like how this trimmer for men fits into your hand. It’s very lightweight and compact and has an ergonomic rubberized grip.

    The blades also work quickly and get more hairs in a single pass than with many other trimmers. You’ll spend less time in front of the mirror while still getting a close, clean shave.

    This trimmer for men provides 19 precision settings.

    The trimmer for men is good for wet and dry use and fully waterproof.

    It’s easy to clean as all you need to do is place it under running water. The trimmer unit includes water shutters and an open water drainer. You’ll get 50 minutes of use with an hour charge – but you can leave it on the charging stand and know that it’s always ready for use.

    The AC charging stand includes a visual indicator light that turns red when it’s time to charge your trimmer.

    Last, but not least, the Panasonic trimmer for men is very affordable. You’ll get a top-notch trimmer at a budget-friendly price.

    Why Do We Recommend It:

    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
    • Blades: Titanium, adjustable zoom wheel
    • Cuts without guard: Yes
    • Runs while plugged in: Yes
    • Runtime: 50 minutes; Charge time 1 hour
    • Warranty: Two years, limited
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